Dancing on the Bridge  brought to you by the Malvern Community Development Fund

In the summer of 2011 the Malvern Community Development Fund began a program of giving Community Beautification Awards to residents who made significant improvements to their home or business properties.  In December of 2011 the MCDF Board of Trustees decided to expand the program to include homes which have been consistently maintained, gardens and landscaping, and Christmas lights and decorative displays.  We thank and congratulate the winners for adding to the beauty of Malvern, and contributing to local pride, making our Village a better place!  The Board welcomes nominations from the public.  Please send nominations to 99sjoyce@gmail.com or mail to MCDF, P.O. Box 18, Malvern OH 44644.  Include the name and address of the nominee, the reason they deserve the award, and the nominator's name and contact information.  Photos are appreciated.  The MCDF Board will consider all nominations and make awards quarterly.  Photos of 2016 winners are shown here.

2016 Winners

Nevin & Barb Crater, 316 East Porter Street

First Christian Church of Malvern, 4046 Coral Road NW

Bryce & Shaunette Hixenbaugh, 416 West Main Street

Charles "Skeeter" Richards, 114 East Wood Street

Marilyn Marmo, 104 Third Street

Angie Cinson, 615 Wilson Street

William & Nancy Offenberger, 211 East Porter Street

Lori Marmo, 117 Third Street

Larry & Krista Krider, 308 West Grant Street

Dorie Kapron, 805 East Porter Street

Jessica Russell, 231 East Porter Street

Dewight & Mary Friend, 217 West Wood Street

Matthew & Lauren Wackerly, 759 Robertsville Road

Janis Marraccini, 518 Wood Street

Glenda Drews, 726 Pleasant Avenue

Lucinda Oyer, 203 East Porter Street

Lynn Edwards, 116 North Reed Avenue

Jane Watkins, 750 Malvern Manor Drive, Apartment 3

2015 Winners
James & Lorrie Ann Pryor, 409 Clay Street
Shirley Columbo, 503 Wilson Street
Ted & Holli Majestic, 723 Pleasant Avenue
Beverley Moody, 5147 Bluebird Road
Thomas & Dawn Yost, 118 North Third Street
Robert & Heather Smalley, 114 Brown Avenue
Diane Yost, 336 West Main Street
Willis Ammon, 511 Amelia Street

2014 Winners
Robert Hubbard, 417 Wilson Street
Carla & Daniel Painter, 114 Third Street
Wilma & Jack Russell, 121 Third Street
Dean & Cheryl Eddy, 216 West Porter Street
Jackie Contini, 217 West Porter Street
William & Carol Lusk, 409 Pleasant Street
Wally & Susan Anderson, 315 West Main Street
Dan & Denise Wells, 524 East Porter Street
Irene Nichols, 410 Gween Drive
Linda Nichols, 309 Gween Drive
Emily & Jason Thompson, 122 Wood Street

2013 Winners
Nancy Welker, 122 South Canton Street
Dorie Kapron, 805 East Porter Street
Don & Julie LeBeau, 802 East Porter Street
Dave Jentgen, 217 East Porter Street
Ralph & Cindy Henderson, 517 Pleasant Avenue
Joe & Sue Chiurco, 523 Pleasant Avenue
Mike & Michelle Larson, 525 Avondale Road
Tony & Jole Smolinsky, 522 West Main Street
The Ferguson Family, 309 East Grant Street
Dave Thompson, 417 East Grant Street
Dick Wackerly, 116 South Canton Street
Matt & Kim Hill, 116 West Grant Street
Eric & Gina Shingleton, 513 Reed Avenue
Sherri Mingus, 613 East Porter Street
Dwayne & Donna Bigler, 217 Bridge Street
James & Candi Phillips, 625 Wood Street

2012 Winners
Karen Wackerly, 121 West Main Street
Doug & Kathy Schmidt, 5088 Easton Street
St. Martin Lutheran Church, 301 West Main Street
St. Francis Xavier Church, 125 South Carrollton Street
Ralph & Kathy Frase, 123 South Bridge Street
Sophie Simmons, 233 Grant Street
Robert & Rose Pierce, 403 Grant Street
Inga's Brick Oven Pizzaria, 111 North Reed Avenue
Emmy & Gary Kovacik, 745 Robertsville Avenue
Margaret Burwell, 423 Wood Street
Joe & Lorene Casper, 866 Cherry Avenue
New Vine Baptist Church, 423 East Porter Street
George & Sue Eddleman, 835 Robertsville Road
Jane Phillips, 222 West Porter Street
Ralph & Jean LeBeau, 202 South Reed Avenue
Timothy & Donna Bille, 603 East Porter Street
Darlene & Richard Davis, 208 West Porter Street

2011 Winners
Starla & Joe Banta, Karma Korner, 103 South Reed Avenue
Josh Lipford, Jukebox Pizza, 111 North Reed Avenue
Resurrection Lutheran Church, 105 South Reed Avenue
Eugene Kiko, 200 West Porter Street
Joe & Ann Gamber, 502 West Main Street
Jim & Charm Woods, 202 East Porter Street
Dick & Linda Byrd, 116 Water Street
John & Margaret Myers, Christmas lights, 619 East Porter Street
John Winn, gardens & Christmas displays, 101 West Main Street