Dancing on the Bridge  brought to you by the Malvern Community Development Fund

Dancing on the Bridge began in 2004, and has been celebrated every year since!  In its thirteen years, Dancing on the Bridge has raised over $426,000, which has allowed the Malvern Community Development Fund to make many improvements to our Village. Improvements have included a walking track, fitness stations, streetlights on the bridge and downtown streets, community flower planters, our double-sided Malvern clock, the Welcome to Malvern sign, benches, trees and playground equipment in the park, basketball and tennis courts, a "facelift" for Village Hall, a renovated Fire Siren Tower, a Creekside Overlook patio, new and renovated baseball dugouts, new Christmas decorations for downtown Malvern, a backboard for the tennis court, banners and benches for downtown, signs for the Hiking Trail and Walking Track, an Expressions swing and Walking Track repair..  All of these were possible due to the generosity of our local donors, and we thank them all for making Malvern better!  The photos below show what is possible when we all work together!